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    When hiring a skip, there are many things which need to be considered, various factors will determine the cost of your bin, as well as, the convenience and ease of use you will receive from your skip company. Below are some points, you should consider before committing to the hiring of a skip.

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    1. Access to where you wish the skip to be delivered. Bins can be quite large, and are delivered by lorry. You must ensure that there is adequate access for the delivery vehicle to get to you. Many people have ordered a skip, only to find that the lorry can not get it to them due to lack of access.

    2 .Get a permit. If you don’t own the land on which you will be placing your skip, you must obtain paperwork, stating that you have permission to leave the bin there.

    3. Choose the right size. Make a detailed evaluation of the refuse you will be placing into your bin. This will give you a good idea of the size you will need. You should also consult with your skip hire company on this issue, as they will have a good idea of your requirements.

    4. Work out how long you are likely to need the skip for. Many companies will charge you for a specific period of time and, if you need it for longer, you will incur a surcharge Also, if you hire for longer than you need you will be paying over the odds unnecessarily. By accurately estimating the time period you will need the bin for, you can avoid unnecessary expense.

    If you are looking to hire one , see what we have to offer here at AOT Skip Bin Hire. We are an experienced firm who can help you with all of your hire needs.
    Benefits of Hire

    It can be very time consuming disposing waste at the dump yourself. Often with vehicle constraints, a number of trips are required to get the job down. Furthermore, it can be quite a dirty and unpleasant job. Hiring a mini skips provider that takes the hassle out of waste disposal. All you need to do is fill the bin with your garbage and we take care of the rest.

    When you have a lot of waste to dispose of, it can become overwhelming trying to separate the different recyclables. With our skip bins though, you can pile everything in and let our professionals take care of the recycling for you. At AOT we are an environmentally friendly waste management company that recycles of the waste we collect.

    To take the hassle out of Long Term Hire, we provide a reliable delivery and pick up service. We liaise with our customers to determine the best time and location to drop off the item. Generally, we give you four days to fill up your skip before we pick it up and dispose of the waste.

    The Service Provider

    You should also do your research on the skip bin service company. Check them out online and see if they have any Google or Facebook reviews. Reviews are a good start, but just because a provider has 1 negative review, doesn’t mean that they are not professional. In the times of social media and mobile phones, customers have a lot of power in reviewing companies. The best bet is to check if the supplier has responded to a negative review. If you also check out their website. A good service provider will normally have a website. Again, though an older website doesn’t always mean they are not good at their job. Maybe they simply are too busy to update their site.

    Below is a list of service providers we recommend:






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